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We are a full-service company who provides affordable, reliable and high-quality gate repair services for all of your gate needs. We sincerely take our promises very seriously as reflected on how we will get things done for you.

Our team of gate repair engineers and consultants believe in innovation and quality of service. We consistently try to further improve how we do things for you by attending various training and seminars that would keep us abreast of the latest developments in our industry.

Our gates offer security and peace of mind to keep your safety and your entire family. So, we are totally dedicated to providing you a reliable and affordable gate repair service. Our gate repair service consultants will get all of your questions answered immediately. Call us now today at (650) 830-8354.

Driveway Gate Repair Service

Our service offerings are targeted in resolving your gate repair problems pertaining to your locks and openers. Who doesn’t get frustrated when you see the broken gate opener or a damage gate operator? That’s an annoying experience after all. Depending on your gate repair problems, we always perform an assessment to certainly gauge the extent of the problems so we can help you repair the most complicated issues.

Troubleshoot Gate Repair Problems

Your gate doesn’t react. When the outlet to the motor has been unplugged or the breaker has been switched, that can lead to an issue with opening your gate.

Cold Temperatures: There are times a gate can get frozen and the batteries inside the motor can run down. This is something that we can repair and make the necessary recommendations on the best things to do during cold weather.

Gate Will Not Close: Assessing your gate arm for physical damage and checking the wheel bearings is the first step in identifying if there is any issues of breakage. Reach out to us so you’ll save yourself from suffering from mechanical issues.

Your Gate Doesn’t Function Properly: Nothing’s wrong about changing your limits especially when your gate has stopped working. Get one of our gate repair service consultant on a call at (650) 830-8354 so we can get things right in their right places.

Hearing Noise from Driveway Gate: If you keep on hearing noise from your driveway or your gate keeps sending alerts or beep, something might be wrong about it. Absolutely, we can immediately do diagnostics or gate repair service to know where the problem lies.


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